Islamic Ethics

 Prophet Hood


Hood was appointed to be the prophet of Aad tribe. He was enjoying a great patience in guiding people and was tolerant enough against their ignorance. People of Aad were mostly well off and were enjoying a high income. Having abundant wealth as well as a long life made each and every of them be rebellious.
Thus, together, they formed a revolting proud tribe and used to say, People : " Who is mightier than us in power ?"



Hood also used to reply," You people! You shall worship the unique God, for there is nothing greater than Him. Why don't you adopt the way of piety and virtue? I don't expect any reward from you for I shall be rewarded only by the Great God who has created me. Why don't you ponder more about it? I only declare my God’s messages for you and I shall be a trustworthy and benevolent guide for you."
A man of Aad tribe answered:

 “Whether you advise us or not, it's all the same because idolatry is a tradition coming to us from our ancestors during thousands of years."

The other man added,

“We consider you a fool and shall think of you as a liar.”

Hood:" You the people of Aad tribe! I'm not a fool but a messenger from the Lord of the world. Now pray and ask forgiveness from the Almighty and do repent to His Greatness so that fruitful and plentiful rain would descend and increase your present strength to a great extent. You people! Do you erect high building on any elevated pieces of land to serve as a sign?"

Man1: “There shall be no torment for us and your advice will never have the least effect on us."
The second men said:" If your words are true, bring us the torment which you're threatening us to.”


Then the people of the tribe were destined to suffer the heavenly torment. So God selected some hurricane-like winds, called Sarsar and Aghim, to destroy them. And one day those who were expecting rainfall to remove the drought notice a black cloud appearing in the horizon and then through God's permission a wind started blowing and destroyed everything on its way .The wind continued to blow for seven successive days and nights and thus changed all of them to lifeless statues.


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