Islamic Ethics

Abraham On fire


Accusing Abraham for breaking the idles, Namrood's followers decided to revenge Abraham and set him on fire. They believed Abraham's deed was a public offence and so everybody should cooperate in getting revenge. Therefore everyone started gathering some firewood. 

Soon after a heap of firewood was prepared they set it on fire and made a huge fire out of it in the middle of the desert. The dancing flames of fire were so outstretched and hot that nobody could even get close so they used a big catapult to throw Abraham into fire to console themselves and decrease their rage. At first, Abraham was disappeared in the fire and people thinking that he was burnt, started to shout happily. But it was through God's will that the flames of fire got cold for Abraham and didn't burn him so he reappeared unhurt.


Namrood and his followers who were watching Abraham unbelievably realised that fire had done no harm to Abraham. While they were all gazing admiringly of this heavenly miracle and sign of God, they understood the righteousness of Abraham's invitation and the truthfulness of his words and claims.

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